perjantai 30. tammikuuta 2015

NATURE EXPERIENCE - Green Tourism of Finland GTF® matkailu suomi

NATURE EXPERIENCE - Green Tourism of Finland GTF®-travel finland-matkailu suomi-environmental sustainability-holidays-wellbeing-nature

Green Tourism of Finland GTF®  eco-label provides nature tourism services that are in accordance with sustainable development by bringing together Finnish companies of tourist industry which follow the principles of sustainable development. Accommodation, nutritional and transport services labeled with GTF- certificate guarantees a very high quality for the nature tourism considering the sustainable development. By using the services labeled with GTF -certificate you are supporting financial, social and environmental welfare. 

Green Tourism of Finland GTF® ECO-LABEL
Anttilantie 7
82380 Tolosenmäki
Phone: +358403221404
e-mail: greentourism(at)